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Entering a Group Code

If you’ve receive a Group Code for a prepaid upgraded account, submit your code here and gain immediate access to 12 Months of unlimited creating and publishing Tests! Click Here If you would like to Learn More About or Purchase Group Codes.

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Billed at $35.88 Annually

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Once you are confident that Test Day Prep is a valuable tool for you and your students, Upgrade your Account to create an unlimited number of tests for your students to access!

Create and publish an unlimited number of Test

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How Group Upgrades Work:

Group upgrades work by purchasing an upgrade code, which can be sent to your group members for redemption. After purchase, you will receive an email with an upgrade code and redemption instructions for your group.

The amount of times the code can be redeemed is based on the quantity that you purchase.

What Is The Group Discount?

All group purchases are 20% off of the annual subscription price, and only require a purchase for 2 or more group members.

Upgraded Account Perks:

Upgraded accounts have an increased test capacity from 1, to unlimited. This is a great option for teachers who want to create multiple tests for one class, or an assortment of classes. With the built in tagging feature, teachers will also be able to organize all of their tests by custom categories for easy test management.

Group Account Codes

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